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An Ambitious Sequel with Thrilling Gameplay:Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review [PlayMobo Exclusive]

by PlayMobo October 10 at 8:51

If anyone seeking for the perfect alternative of Shadow of Mordor or just want some taste of new RPG title, then this game is going to whack your gaming senses. Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an upcoming action role-playing title, scheduled to be released on October 10, 2017 worldwide for PC and consoles. A lite version had already been released for Android and iOS devices. This lite version is “freemium” top-down battle-ready game. It is going to be most anticipated game of 2017 as not for being only sequel to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor but also an opportunity for introduction to contrasting role-playing plots.

Plot is the continuation of the chronicle from Shadow of Mordor, in which Talion is still inculcated with the psych of elf lord Celebrimbor. Talion has successfully forged a new Ring of Power, which lord Celebrimbor thinks of not only a resource to avoid becoming Dark Lord but also instead to become a true strong king. Talion, who is always seemly disinterested in this kind of power and notion, finds elf Lord’s reasoning somehow just and takes oath to assist in confronting the newly returned Sauron and his nonstop army.


Gameplay is just out of this world. Talion who not only possesses athletic combat abilities as a ranger of Gondor but also shares his body with elf Lord; the dilemma is here to utilize the combined abilities of him to complete the various mission. These missions are mainly objected to the demolition of Sauron and his army. Game not only includes main quest which is mainly concerned with the narrative continuation but also optional side-quests that can assist the player in boosting character’s skills and abilities. Comparing to the prequel, which was more of battling and killing, this game will be having more confined RP approach. This approach will define the more customized experience according to the player’s personality.

As far as mobile platform is concerned, the companion version of this game is not way more different than the major one. You have the top-down perspective, mainly dealing with action strategy where players can deploy characters from not only the PC/Console version but also from its 2014 prequel and even from film Lord of Rings.


There is variety of continuing characters from the previous story. Talion - the main protagonist and Celebrimbor – the forger of rings of power. Uruks are creatures of malice and cruelty and one of the major types of enemies in this game. Sauron – Dark Lord of Mordor is the main antagonist.

Production quality is marvelous and developers had contributed in almost every aspect to retain the entertaining fun factor of this game. Developers wanted to integrate large-scale battles in this game, similar to the ones captured in LOR films. They also included the humorous components so that the game may not to seem look sadistic or violent all the time. The game features dynamic weather system alongside to the day-night shifting. This climatic behavior also affects the combat performance and enemy response. Sounds are way similar to those in nostalgic battle films. Progression of music with the progress in the violence and fights is simply superb.

In-app Purchase

In-app purchases are the key for unlocking features and skills drastically. You can unload your bank credits in order to get those fancier skins, boosted skills and more skills faster.

One of the best features of this game’s combat mechanism is the capability to command individual in a unit. So, you have the better chance to win the battles if you master these commanding abilities. Secondly, keep on upgrading the skills.

Make Orcs your comrades. Either you can execute Orc or brand it. Once branded, they can be summoned in the battle-arena as your companions fighting for you. Game features Nemesis system also, which will provide you the option to transfer your top nemesis from Shadow of Mordor into Shadow of war. The transferred characters are the tamed ones by the player.


This game has the best features, storyline and fun factors that no other dark RPG is going to be proving these entire in one. Continuation to the previous story reveals a lot of hideous facts about the main plot. Moreover, as much as core is fun, game is overshadowed by the self-indulgent story. It has the best scene executions and object mechanics. Sound and graphics are so perfect that no other RPG you can foresee in the coming era. I believe it will be banger as it can be expected as being the sequel to most popular Shadow of Mordor. PlayMobo’s scoring for this game is as follows:

Gameplay – 9
Sound – 8
Graphics – 9.5
Plot – 10
Fun Factor – 9
Total – 9.1

I would highly recommend this game to every role-playing gamer. Game is free to play on mobile devices and if you want to go beyond that lite fun, this game is worth than some bucks.

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