Batman:The Enemy Within

by Mohammad Sakib October 13 at 10:33

Another choice making game by Telltale games. With Walking Dead, they started their journey. And now their latest released game is Batman: The Enemy Within with their unique graphics but more enhanced. Play as the Batman. Make some choices. The whole story depends on how you choose the decisions. You will make the choice who lives who dies. This choice-making is the unique thing about Telltale. You can play however you want, and make your own story. Attack criminals by however you want. The gamers who love Story games, this is one of the most games. You will get addicted to it and it might even compel you to buy the next episodes and seasons. Recommending this for Story Games lovers.

Rating by me:

Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 9/10(not really many controls)
Story: 10/10

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