Best Hunting Game 2017

by Jerome Tan October 7 at 8:43

From graphics to gameplay, this game is excellent. This hunting game requires pinpointing accuracy in the higher levels. At the start, it will be extremely easy (which is how most games work), and you might get bored. But when you get to the higher levels, that is when the fun begins.

Your sniper comes equipped with some sort of an X-ray vision. Activating it will let you see 3 of the organs of the animals. Biggest being the lungs, smaller one is the heart, and the EXTREMELY small one being the brain. Careful though, X-ray vision doesn't last forever.

Killing animals by shooting them in one of those organs gives you extra cash. Completing levels also give you cash. You can then use the cash that you earn to upgrade your guns. Yes, gunS. There is more than one gun in this game, which is usually the sniper. That's what makes this game so special from other hunting games.

You can choose from a variety of guns such as your sniper (obviously), a shotgun and a pistol. Use cash to upgrade their stats such as Power, Stability, Ammo, etc.

Also, in some quests, it requires you to kill more than 1 of a certain animal. It really sounds easy, but this game has logic to it. If you shoot, the animals will either start running away or attack you.

Running away makes it so that you have more trouble hitting the animals and also put you under pressure since when the animals manage to successfully run away, they will not come back (obviously).

If the animals attack, you will turn to the animal attacking you (mostly to see them about to pounce on your face), and go into a slow-mo mode. Where you have to shoot that animal before it manages to successfully attack you... and you die (duh).

Also, if your gun is not powerful enough for the mission, they will warn you that it is not and show you the required stats, allowing you to not waste your precious energy and time to play a level that is a confirmed loss (OR you can just ignore the advice and play the level and have a small chance to win it just for bragging rights)

Multiplayer is available too! Play multiplayer games and go head to head with another player. You win, you rank up. You lose, you lose rank. (Like how all ranking systems work).

So in conclusion, I rate this game 5 stars as graphics and gameplay are AMAZING. The fact that they even included a multiplayer mode is even better, making the game not repetitive at all. Give this game a try! It's free anyway! 😃

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